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Cloud Nine III

Cloud Nine III

Step aboard the Cloud Nine III, a 95-foot custom-designed luxury yacht that epitomizes nautical sophistication. Offering unparalleled private charter services in the New York City and New Jersey vicinities, this vessel is a marvel of modern engineering adorned with state-of-the-art amenities.

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A Multi-Level Experience

The Cloud Nine III boasts three meticulously designed floors to serve your entertainment needs:

The Grand Dining Salon

The heart of our yacht is the Grand Dining Salon, which combines luxury and functionality. Adorned with a full-service bar featuring a sleek black granite countertop and a curated selection of premium liquors, this space can comfortably accommodate up to 75 guests at elegant dining tables. Complementing the formal seating are plush couches and chic cocktail tables in the aft section.

And let's not overlook the built-in buffet table, also graced with black granite tops. Our open-concept galley is conveniently situated adjacent to the dining area, ensuring your culinary selections are served at their peak freshness. Commanding the galley is our gourmet chef, who crafts delectable dishes that tantalize the palate.

The Cozy Lower Lounge

For a more intimate setting, descend to our Lower Lounge. This cozy enclave features plush couches, cocktail tables, and formal seating for twelve, making it an ideal space for smaller gatherings or private conversations.

The Top Deck: Dance & Dine Under the Stars

Elevate your experience by stepping into the top deck, which houses a secluded private room with its bathroom, vanity, and sumptuous couch. This perfect sanctuary can serve as a bridal suite.

Just aft of this private oasis is an outdoor deck that effortlessly transforms into a vibrant dance floor. This area has bench seating, a state-of-the-art DJ sound system, and atmospheric lighting. A weather-resistant tent shelters the dance floor, and clear plastic curtains can be unfurled to keep the celebration going, rain or shine.

The Bow: A Vantage Point Like No Other

Navigate to the bow of the yacht on the main floor, where cushioned seating invites you to revel in an unparalleled New York Harbor city tour.

A Yacht for All Occasions

From intimate parties to sit-down dinners for 2 to 40 guests, the Cloud Nine III is not just a yacht—it's an experience. With its array of facilities and a commitment to impeccable service, it is the ultimate setting for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

A Night to Remember

Plan your next event with us for a unique evening on your special day. 

Cloud Nine IV

Cloud Nine IV

Introducing the Cloud Nine IV—a 135-foot, custom-crafted masterpiece of maritime luxury, designed to deliver unparalleled experiences on the waters of New York City and New Jersey. With three sumptuously designed floors, each one offers unique amenities to captivate and entertain up to 150 guests. 

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Main Dining Room: A Symphony of Elegance

Step into the expansive main dining room, where eight-foot ceilings create an atmosphere of grandeur. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views, allowing you to dine with the city skyline as your backdrop. The dining area is adorned with a full-service bar boasting a sleek black granite top and a selection of premium spirits. Complementing the dining experience are three high-definition plasma TVs and a Yamaha baby grand player piano, adding a touch of melodious ambiance. 

Culinary Excellence: A Gourmet Experience

Our state-of-the-art galley lies beneath the built-in buffet table—also graced with black granite tops. Helmed by a gourmet chef, the kitchen ensures that each dish is of the highest quality, promising a dining experience that entices your palate.

Lower Lounge: Relax in Sophistication

The lower lounge is an intimate setting complete with plush couches, elegant cocktail tables, and an abundance of restrooms—nine toilets in total—for your convenience. 

Top Floor: An Oasis of Entertainment & Privacy

The uppermost level offers a secluded bridal suite with its own bathroom and vanity, setting the stage for those unforgettable moments. The cocktail deck features a well-stocked bar and an electrifying underlit dance floor just steps away. Bench seating wraps around the area, and an atrium towers above the dance floor outfitted with professional DJ lights and speakers for a dynamic atmosphere. 

Outdoor Deck: A Scenic Retreat

The deck's perimeter is lined with cocktail tables, and a complete walkaround offers unobstructed views of the NYC skyline. A plasma TV and cushioned seating at the yacht's bow make the New York Harbor city tour an absolute delight.

Versatility Meets Comfort

Whether you're hosting a formal sit-down dinner, a buffet, or a cocktail hors d'oeuvre party, the Cloud Nine IV is versatile enough to accommodate between 40 and 150 guests. Custom-built for the NY Harbor, the yacht promises a smooth sailing experience and features a top-notch crew committed to exceeding your expectations.

Safety and Technology

For peace of mind, the Cloud Nine IV is equipped with cutting-edge security cameras and the latest maritime technology, ensuring a secure and state-of-the-art nautical adventure.

Craft your next event with the elegance, luxury, and versatility that only the Cloud Nine IV can offer.